Monday, April 7, 2008

How Do Humans Contribute to Global Warming?

Throughout most of human history, and certainly before human beings emerged as a dominant species throughout the world, all climate changes were the direct result of natural forces.Industrial Age Accelerates Global WarmingThat changed with the start of the Industrial Revolution, when new agricultural and industrial practices began to alter the global climate and environment. Before that time, human activity didn’t release many greenhouse gas, but population growth, deforestation, factory farming, and the widespread use of fossil fuels are creating an excess of greenhouse gases in the amosphere and contributing to globe warming.

Top Causes Of Globe Warming

1Carbon Dioxide From power Plants

many people have created solutions for the pollution caused by power plants. For example, products that help to reduce the green house emissions have emerged. Filters that improve the quality of the air released into the atmosphere have been created to solve this problem. In addition, government regulations have been placed to force owners of large industrial buildings to improve the quality of the air produced by their buildings. Finally, hydrogen power has also become a way of reducing carbon. According to Tom Simonite of using carbon is better than using water to generate power, and it is completely environmentally friendly.

2.Pollution Emitted from Cars

Driving to work in the morning is one example of this. When your stuck in traffic, how long does your car stay idle on the road, releasing it’s pollution into the air? There are approximately, 3 billion vehicles being used today. Similarly with the power plants, cars also emit carbon into the air. Cars emit millions of tons of pollutants into the air. In some dense cities, this causes some of the smog and ozone problems. 1,500 cases of cancer are reported each year from pollution.


In the past, many countries demolished forests to fuel a growing market for wooden goods; chairs, tables, homes, and so forth, so their country can grow and prosper. Now, when developing nations are trying to build their nations, they can’t because trees are made up of 50% carbon. Many countries need to destroy their forests to make room for farm land and feed their people. Other countries need to create products and help their countries economies.


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